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PGA Junior League Golf – great opportunity for boys and girls, ages 13 and under!

PGA Junior League Golf is an innovative and proven golf model created to increase participation in youth and to spark interest for youth golf activities at courses across the country. pgajlg-logoPGA Junior League Golf (PGAJLG) is a fun, social and inclusive opportunity for boys and girls, ages 13 and under, to enjoy golf. PGAJLG utilizes the popular scramble format that creates a nurturing environment for learning the game, participants wear numbered jerseys and play on teams with their friends. The main goal is to have a fun-based, stress-free environment for young golfers to learn and enjoy the game, while receiving PGA instruction and lessons about teamwork.

Season Timeline

Regular Season: May thru July

Post Season Qualifiers: August

We will have a minimum of 6 regular season games (dates to be announced soon).

Parent and Volunteer Involvement

PGAJLG, like many other recreational youth sports, was designed to have parents and volunteers assisting captains in the administration of their teams. Parents can serve in an official capacity as assistant coaches.

Team parents can volunteer as scorekeepers during matches, post scores or arrange for post-competition refreshments.

Parents are encouraged to attend games, cheer and be supportive of your PGAJLG Team.


Format of Competition

Short course set-up, no more than 2,800 yards in total length.

Par 5’s are 450 yards or shorter; par 4’s 350 yards or shorter; par 3’s 150 yards or shorter.

PGAJLG uses the signature 2-Player Scramble. The scramble format is where both players hit and then the best shot is selected and both play from that spot. This process is continued until the ball is holed out on the hole.


PGAJLG matches should never take more than 2.5 hours.

Minimal time looking for lost balls.

Encourage conceding short putts.

Minimal time spent deciding which shot to select.


A competition between two teams in PGAJLG is referred to as a “GAME.”

A “GAME” consists of two teams, each fielding at least 8 players broken into 4 groups of 2, playing a 2-person match play, scramble-format vs. a similar pairing from the opposite team. These 2-player vs. 2-player scramble pairings are called “MATCHES.”

We are excited and looking forward to having a great season creating excitement and enthusiasm for your children in the game of golf. As PGA professionals, we feel our duty is to create opportunity and to grow the game for our youth. PGAJLG is a wonderful way to include your child in the fun and get them on the path of enjoying a game they can play for a lifetime. Golf has enriched and provided many opportunities in my life and I look forward to sharing and creating opportunities through golf for your child as well.


Total cost for Regular season (not including post-season): $250

$75 is due upon registration, remaining $175 will be collected at The Home Course.

Fees include: Team practices, at least 6 competitions, PGAJLG Team kit, a PGAJLG junior range pass (1 large bucket per day) and unlimited use of the practice facility at The Home Course for the duration of the PGAJLG season. There will be a beginning of the season Kickoff Party and an End of Season Party as well. Potential for post-season play following the regular season.

Registration closes on May 10 at midnight, with our first matches scheduled to start the first week in June. There will be a kickoff Jamboree with dates to be announced (tentatively planned for third week in May). As the league and the teams get finalized we will be putting together the season schedule with the specific days and times for matches and practices. Thank you for your time and interest in PGAJLG here at The Home Course, and we look forward to having a fun-filled and successful season. Please feel free to contact me with any questions, thoughts or concerns.

Yours in Golf,

John Cassidy, PGA




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